JOCG coaching course 2022

Who is it addressed to?

Music students, aged 16 to 22 years old, learning an instrument at intermediate or a higher level.

Venue and dates

The 2022 JOCG coaching course will take place at the Girona Auditorium from 18 to 24 July. The schedule is as follows:

Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 20 July – Sectional rehearsals with string and wind instrument teachers, and percussion with the conductor

Thursday 21, Friday 22 and Saturday 23 July - Tutti rehearsals with Isabel Rubio


Saturday 23 July, 8:00 pm - Open rehearsal at Parc Núria Terés

Sunday 24 July, 7:00 pm - Final concert at Girona Auditorium

The coaching course is funded by Girona City Council, the Metalquimia Foundation and Girona Provincial Council, with the participants making a co-payment of €200.

To ensure that no one is excluded for economic reasons, the JOCG has established a system of grants for those who need them,.