JOCG coaching course 2024

Venue and dates

The 2024 JOCG coaching course will take place at the Girona Auditorium from 15th to 20th July.


Registration and video submission: from 5th February to 31st March, 2024

Notification of results: 30th April, 2024


Meeting schedule

July 15 - First tutti reading and sectional rehearsals

July 16 - Sectional rehearsals

July 17 - Tutti rehearsals + conference on the repertoire by the composer Jordi Cornudella

July 18 - Tutti rehearsals + social activity with Astrid-21 + activity at Trueta hospital

July 19 - Activity for summer camps in Girona + conference on health by musician and doctor Joan Valls

July 20, 8:00 pm - Closing concert of the JOCG 2024



The coaching course is funded by Girona City Council, the Girona Auditorium, the Metalquimia Foundation and Girona Provincial Council.

The registration fee is €100 which will be paid at the time of accepting the place.

The organization provides participants with accommodation and breakfast at the Pare Claret Student Residence and meals (lunch and dinner) at the Dúplex restaurant. The cost of accommodation and maintenance for the entire course is €250.

To ensure that no one is excluded for economic reasons, the JOCG has established a system of grants for those who need them.